2015 MWFF Short Film Session #6 is Sunday, August 30th at 6pm!

Short Film Session #5

15 short films from around the world will screen during our sixth (and last) session of the 2015 Mosaic World Film Festival on Sunday, August 30th at 3pm at the Nordlof Center in Rockford, IL. Tickets are $5 and you can get yours online and in advance here: http://www.brownpapertickets.com/event/1887728 or at the Nordlof Center box office on the day of the event.

Witch in Me
IMG_3385“Witch In Me” is the first episode in “The Funeral Of My Expectations” trilogy, the new EP from upcoming singer songwriter Cecilia G.

003The character incidentally peels his skin off while he is in the class, should he do something about it? Or just leave it this way?

TEST_picture_4Tomer is helping his fellow student to Unload technical equipment for a film shooting. While the photographer and his assistant perform tests on the camera, Tomer is captured while getting a disturbing call from his sister, informing him about the hospitalization of his father.

Romy, I am Shy*
Still_Romy_IOam_shy_6_300dpiJuergen Vollmer met The Beatles 1960 in Hamburg music club Kaiserkeller.
They hung around together, Vollmer started photographing them and when they met again in Paris, The Beatles insisted to get his haircut.

Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.17.13 PMMuse is a short film about an animation artist struggling to find motivation. Jeffery is experiencing difficulty producing good work, and is stuck in the studio for the night.

Tustin_Nick_11An alien bug is born into an dangerous jungle. As he begins this strangle new world, he soon realizes that things aren’t what they appear.

Tři Cíga
Still_1The friendship between two boys is tested during a day in the park.

Cops and Robbers
CopsAndRobbersEddieGetsInTimsFaceEddie is frustrated. He’s a ‘typecast’ actor, playing a cop in over a dozen films and TV shows. In a bold act of defiance against his agent, Eddie takes drastic measures to land his dream role: a homicidal psycho killer. But can Hollywood see Eddie as anything more than the kind, lovable guy he is?

Au_Kwan_Briana_Franceschini_05Nexus artistically explores the world of connections linking creatures in the animal kingdom. It is about the most basic, primal form of these connections – predator and prey.

Afternoon In
AfternoonIn_2An afternoon in with myself. Digging in inside. Ink spills: spilt nothing or at least no thing that I was fast enough to film. Light shines on mangled legs, basking like a cat, working on a cut. Thought in images: ideas and images for a film that will never be made but I make in my head as I check to see if the stove gas is secretly on over and over. I will not go outside today, it is simply time for an afternoon in to myself.

001“Fear” is his first music video from director Borja Soler.

Intellectual People
Screen Shot 2015-08-29 at 2.34.30 PMA sixty year old writer goes to a book store to see his recent published novel. When he gets there, he finds lots of advertising material from Scott Gordon’s new best seller. The writer realizes that all the people that get in, do it to buy the best seller.

The Lovers
Still_2“The Lovers” is an experimental short-film based on “The Lovers” painting by René Magritte. Shot in mother nature, the film develops a visual narrative between two characters, creating a non-literal staging of the painting.

Rock is Not an Attitude
Stills02_Rock_is_Not_an_AttitudeA stop-motion rock band talks about life before their band: Rock is not only an attitude. Our lives are a reflection of our attitudes: just like music, we are all different and unique, but there is no distance between us.

Invisible Sister*
Invisible_SisterFor the past six years, documentary filmmaker Jamie Rogers has been disconnected from her adopted sister, Kelly, for reasons that her parents refused to explain. Through a series of personal interviews, Jamie explores the events starting with Kelly’s adoption from Peru, leading up to her separation from the family. A story of immigration, childhood, betrayal and love, Invisible Sister takes its viewer to the heart of deeply embedded family secrets.

(* = 2015 MWFF Award Finalist)

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