2017 MWFF Feature Film Screenings

Our last day of the 2017 Mosaic World Film Fest is August 27th.  This will be our annual Feature Sunday and all of the feature films for the 2017 MWFF will be screened during this afternoon.

We will have 4 features from around the world. The screenings begin at 11am at the Nordlof Center in Rockford, IL and there will be a 20-30 break between each film.

Here is the lineup!

Passfire: A Film About Fireworks from Around the Globe

Photo 6 Mexico

Screening on Sunday, August 27th from 11am – 12:40pm

Passfire is an independently produced feature documentary about the world’s most amazing fireworks, the people who make them, and the cultures behind them. Covering 23 countries on six continents, the film ventures from the most well-known pyrotechnic hubs, to remote enclaves where the cultural traditions of truly unique fireworks have lasted generations.

Directed by: Jesse Veverka
Headshot d5e0509d6652c0aea472f589789062f6_n14v
TRT: 99:49

An Evening of Eternity
Photo 3 screenshot_02

Screening on Sunday, August 27th from 1:00pm – 2:30pm

Jonas, the young owner of a vinyl record store, stumbles into a mysterious tavern by chance one evening. The tavern is detached from time and people from all kinds of different eras meet there. He falls in love with a Jazz singer, Eva Elana, from the 60s. But the time between the two will become their greatest enemy…

Directed by: Constantin Maier
Headshot regisseur_foto
Narrative (Student)
TRT: 85:00


Never Forget
Photo 4 Sequence_05_-_1920x817.01_18_50_14.Still037

Screening on Sunday, August 27th from 3pm – 4:30pm

A young nurse must travel back to her homeland to attend her father’s funeral. Her family sends a suitor to escort her back to her home town. Along the way, both of them not only learn about themselves but each other. For her, trying to learn the old traditions is hard enough and for him, a deep dark secret hangs over him.

Directed by: Jon Bling
Headshot 10888382_10152873748255944_1804008980673849907_n
TRT: 88:20

Photo 2 Profile

Screening on Sunday, August 27th from 5pm – 6:00pm

Two slackers embark on a relaxing getaway over the 4th of July weekend only to find the seclusion slowly chipping away at their sanity.

Directed by: David Dawson
Headshot 259299_3988020292263_1685556737_o
TRT: 60:00

Fest tickets can be purchased online below or at mosaicfilmfest.com/attend for $10 starting on July 9th.

These are all screening/all weekend VIP tickets. They will also be available on Friday, August 25th at the Nordlof Center box office during the event.

Single day tickets will be available at the box office on both Saturday the 26th and Sunday the 27th. They cost $5.
Those tickets are only available on August 26th and 27th and are good for a full day of screenings on the day purchased.

For more information about the 2017 Mosaic World Film Festival as well as a list of all the films being featured visit mosaicfilmfest.com.


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