2018 MWFF Filmmakers Reception and Regional Films Screening

Come meet the filmmakers of the 2018 Mosaic World Film Festival!

On Saturday, August 25th we will host our annual Filmmakers Reception at 6pm in the lobby of The Nordlof Theatre. At the event filmmakers and festival attendees can enjoy bar service, hors d’oevures, and have their picture taken on the red carpet photo wall!

This reception is a celebration of our MWFF filmmakers and a great chance for them to discuss their works with the festival audience. Our Regional Filmmakers screening will follow the reception and begin at 7pm.

Tickets for this screening are just $5 and are good for all of the MWFF events on Saturday the 25th. They can be purchased online below or at filmfreeway.com/MosaicWorldFilmFestival/tickets.

NOTE: This screening is recommended for ages 13 or older.

The Wayward Wind

The Wayward Wind uses movement and humor to turn the idea of the “rambling man” on it’s head. With music by Carl Sondrol.

Directed by: Steve Delahoyde and Monica Thomas
Music Video
TRT: 3:37

The Graveyard Shift

On his first night on the job, a night watchman for an office sees a ghost on his surveillance feed.

Directed by: Michael Price
Narrative (Student)
TRT: 16:36

Operating Session

Men from the northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin area gather together to operate model trains on a layout as if it were a real railroad. They pickup and set out (leave) cars at industries. Passenger trains stop at stations to pick up and leave people. Other trains come from “staging areas” as if from a far away location and stop at locations on the layout.

Directed by: Ron Johnson
Documentary (Student)
TRT: 14:55


This story is about a film major who struggles with coming up with an idea for a script, until he stumbles upon something unexpected.

Directed by: Joshua Noll
Narrative (Student)
TRT: 2:12


Dreamy, haunting forms transform, then ascend into a new spiritual world.

Directed by: Steve Socki
TRT: 4:17

Cross my Heart

Filmed almost entirely without showing faces, Cross My Heart follows the story of a girl looking to save her mother, who is in need of a heart transplant. With time running out, and everyone seemingly against her, she must take matters into her own hands to find the heart.

Directed by: Alex Langosch
Narrative (Student)
TRT: 7:05

Gentle Mentals

One in five people in the U.S. experiences a mental illness. But it’s still considered a dark topic. We’d like to change that. What’s dark is the stigma that disempowers people to get the help they need; people quietly suffering or worse—lives lost. We created these relatable animals with issues to lighten this heavy conversation. If we can smile and speak more openly about something that touches so many, we’d all be better for it.

Directed by: Veronica Padilla
TRT: 2:19

The Thrill of It

A man studies the art of obsession.

Directed by: Dan O’Keefe
Narrative (Student)
TRT: 6:42

Sheila’s Boy

Through a series of lo-fi flashbacks, a young man reflects on a past relationship while driving around his hometown. Features original music by Milwaukee-based R&B artist, Maajei Vu.

Directed by: Henry Willette
Music Video
TRT: 5:53

I’m a Puppy*

Johnny is a boy who stays up too late because he loves to play drums long into the night. Vicki is a girl who is limited to certain classes because she needs to rest often. Both end up together in the nurse’s office at school for different reasons, but enjoy each other’s company and begin to develop a relationship. As their time together continues, they will go on an adventure of music, fun, loss, and eventual peace.

Produced by the 2018 summer Mass Communication students at Rock Valley College.

Directed by: Jerry LaBuy
TRT: 16:29

Get your tickets today!

Screenings do sell out so the only way to guarantee a seat is to purchase them online and in advance. If a screening does sell out a standby line will be made on a first come, first served basis at the festival box office in the case that any seats open up.

* = Special Out of Competition Screening

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