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Addison Groove’s “Changa” is a colorful explosion

Lose your mind with this warped and wonderful journey through preternatural dance moves. Q/A with Creative Director Alex Johnson 1. What first drew you to pursue making this specific film project? […]

Ramos’s “8.1 Degrees of Guilt” reveals guilt and painful trauma

Imagine being born from a “sterile” woman and being treated as a miracle baby. Imagine experiencing the most devastating earthquake in Mexican history and being cursed as a kid by […]

“Moving Southwark” documents the incredible world of dance

The dying moments of 24 dancers, each consumed by the city of London. “Moving Southwark” is a magical realist expression of London’s medieval backyard directed by Jevan Chowdhury. Jevan Chowdhury […]

“Greg Loves a Human” is a compelling and creative narrative

Greg and Jeff are two ghouls, scrambling to find a last minute human sacrifice. Jeff’s mind is on the job, but Greg’s heart is on a girl. If you’d like […]

Jason Fitzgerald sheds a light on loneliness in “Shakes”

A man feels his entire world constantly shaking, making for a lonely existence… until a friendship is imposed upon him by his equally isolated neighbour. Director Jason Fitzgerald brings us […]

Hardy-Carnac’s “Tunisia 2045” shows the desperation in all of us

A father and his daughter are waiting, worried and tired. A simple gesture could decide their future… Q/A with Ted Hardy-Carnac 1. What first drew you to pursue making this specific […]

Vanderlip’s “An Echo of Oceans” explores the unknown

Drowning in the depths, a man sinks in the crushing blue of the ocean. The broken pieces of his psyche lie shattered in his inner world, but though the darkness […]

Lin’s “Keep Going” shares hope, optimism and maturity

Shan, a 2nd grader of Junior high school, and Jia who is in 3rd grade of elementary school. They are brothers who love baseball games. Pei-Lin, Shan’s crush, is going to move away […]

Nordstorm’s “Puget Sound” seeps with nostalgia

From student Director Jack Nordstrom comes the story of a group of teenagers who set out to make a movie  in the summer of 1980. Nordstrom is an 11th grader at […]

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #4

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #4 – Full Program The 2017 Mosaic World Film Fest continues on Saturday, August 26th with their Short Film Session #4 at 2pm! 18 short […]