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2017 MWFF Short Film Session #3

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #3 – Full Program The 2017 Mosaic World Film Fest continues on Saturday, August 26th with their Short Film Session #3 at 11am! 13 short […]

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Palehound “Cushioned Caging” has a vivid, bouncy beat

Director Badger Antoniou brings us a music video filled with vivid colors slow motion, showcasing the indie rock band Palehound’s song “Cushioned Caging.” Check out Raw Art Works portfolio and […]

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Pins’s “A Passion of Gold and Fire” shines a light on natural beauty

A beekeeper shares his worries about the future of his apiary school. “A Passion of Gold and Fire” definitely helps our environment to keep on living. Fascinated by the beauty, […]

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Lydia Lane’s “The Cage” offers a personal perspective

One bad decision will alter the course of Courtney’s life forever… From Director Lydia Lane comes a compelling student narrative filled with regret and challenge. Lane drew many inspirations from her […]

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Shihadah’s “Northfound” is honest and revealing

Iris and Finn are two sisters with a special affinity for hot dogs and sexy cartoon animals. Devastated by Iris’s recent diagnosis, the two are left to navigate their short […]

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“Good Dog” offers a short and sweet approach to love

“Good Dog” has a short and simple premise: a story about a dog and its unconditional love for its owner. Tim Cant is an animator from Australia who has always wanted to make […]


Bellusci’s “Posse” is a beautiful blend of dark and light

When Jenna and company decide to visit a new neighborhood, their reception is less than enthusiastic. Why is everyone staring at them? Must be jealousy. “Posse” is a narrative dark […]

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Malatos’s “Family Shadows” is an endearing narrative

Every Friday night at 7 o’clock, Carter walks into the forest, and every single time, his father follows him. While wandering through the shadows, they discover what it means to […]

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“We’re Gathered Here” mourns loss with honest compassion

From Director Brock Lewandowski comes the story of a former jock who spends the day of his step-father’s funeral eulogizing his childhood pets, dragging his sister along to relive some […]

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“Fault Lines” experiments with unique cinematography

“Fault Lines” is an experimental student film from director Amanda Wong. Wong is an interdisciplinary artist from Philadelphia, PA and a recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. She […]