Nordstorm’s “Puget Sound” seeps with nostalgia

From student Director Jack Nordstrom comes the story of a group of teenagers who set out to make a movie  in the summer of 1980.

Nordstrom is an 11th grader at Harvard-Westlake high school in Los Angeles. He has been making films since age 9. Administrators at his school have utilized Jack’s filmmaking talents to produce short films for the Harvard-Westlake admissions department. To learn more about “Puget Sound” and it’s accreditations, visit the project’s Facebook page. 

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Q/A with Jack Nordstrom 

1. What first drew you to pursue making this specific film project?

I felt like this movie would be a fun project to do over the summer. I had been making smaller movies before this one, but this was my first time making a full length short worthy of submitting to festivals.

2. What is your favorite part of the filmmaking process and why? Any examples of this from your project screening at the MWFF?

My favorite part of the filmmaking process is probably the editing. Its such a fulfilling feeling to see your raw footage start to take shape as a short. When I started to edit “Puget Sound,” I was so excited to show it to my friends that were in some of the scenes.

3. What were some influences for you on this project and/or as a filmmaker in general?

Definitely I would have to say Wes Anderson was a major influence on this project, mainly because his style is so simple but also very unique. It was an easy style for me to adopt into my film.

4. What is your favorite film?

My favorite film right now would have to be Bill Pohlad’s, “Love & Mercy.” It is about the Beach Boys and really gets into Brian Wilson’s head as he is starting to make the album, Pet Sounds. It’s really great. My new film is about a band that is forming with members that are high school age. It’s called “Old Bloo” and it’s definitely inspired by “Love & Mercy.”

“Puget Sound” is the first short film in the Short Film Session #3, starting on Saturday, August 26 at 11am.

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