Malatos’s “Family Shadows” is an endearing narrative

Every Friday night at 7 o’clock, Carter walks into the forest, and every single time, his father follows him. While wandering through the shadows, they discover what it means to […]

“We’re Gathered Here” mourns loss with honest compassion

From Director Brock Lewandowski comes the story of a former jock who spends the day of his step-father’s funeral eulogizing his childhood pets, dragging his sister along to relive some […]

“Fault Lines” experiments with unique cinematography

“Fault Lines” is an experimental student film from director Amanda Wong. Wong is an interdisciplinary artist from Philadelphia, PA and a recent graduate from Rhode Island School of Design. She […]

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #2

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #2 – Full Program The 2017 MWFF World Film Fest continues on Friday with their Short Film Session #2 on Friday, August 25th at 2pm! […]

Gonzalez’s “Osha’s Gift” is a beautiful art form

Ashwaq Abdullah is a successful Emarati artist who discovers a new sense of what art means by attending an art therapy session and befriending Osha, a very special girl. Director […]

Dawson’s “Firework” does everything but slack off

From Director David Dawson comes the story of two slackers embarking on a relaxing getaway over the 4th of July weekend, only to find the seclusion slowly chipping away at […]

Maier’s “An Evening of Eternity” is a devilish detachment

Constantin Maier’s narrative film follows Jonas, the young owner of a vinyl record store, who stumbles into a mysterious tavern by chance one evening. The tavern is detached from time […]

Baracho’s “Los tomatoes de Carmelo” explores solitude and serenity

Brazilian director Danilo Baracho tells the story of Carmelo, an old man with an honest pact with solitude. It hasn’t rained this spring and the soil is too hard. For the first […]

Zhang’s “Wishing Box” is an absolute treasure

A pirate, a monkey and a treasure box walk into a bar…and set the stage for an amazing animated short film. After years sailing the sea, Derek the pirate and his sidekick […]

Sachar and Johnson’s “Take Your Time” rewinds the clock

Obstacles can sometimes pull us apart, but they can also create a force that binds us. This is the framework behind ‘Take Your Time,’ a raw and powerful performance art piece. […]