Palehound “Cushioned Caging” has a vivid, bouncy beat

Director Badger Antoniou brings us a music video filled with vivid colors slow motion, showcasing the indie rock band Palehound’s song “Cushioned Caging.”

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Q/A with Badger Antoniou

1. What first drew you to pursue making this specific film project?

I made this film as a senior project for the Real 2 Reel film school, a division of RAW Art Works. We were asked to choose between three different bands to make a music video for. I was drawn to Palehound’s sound, and started getting ideas for visuals to accompany the music. I was thrilled to be put on the team that would be making their video!

2. What is your favorite part of the filmmaking process and why? Any examples of this from your project screening at the MWFF?

My favorite part of the film making process is set design. In “Cushioned Caging,” we spent weeks collecting weird things we found in thrift stores to dress the set. I think the choices we made in that department really help sell the surreal and slightly clinical vibe we were going for.

3. What were some influences for you on this project and/or as a filmmaker in general?

On this project, we took influence from Wes Anderson’s neat and odd color palate, as well as being inspired by other music videos like the Black Key’s Lonely Boy and Radiohead’s Karma Police.

4. What is your favorite film?

My favorite film is either the original “Children of the Corn” or “Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors.”

Palehound “Cushioned Caging” is the the eleventh short film in the Short Film Session #1 on Friday, August 25 starting at 11am.

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