2020 MWFF Experimental Film Showcase

18 short experimental films from around the world have been selected for our 2020 MWFF Experimental Short Film Showcase!*

All showcases for the #2020MWFF will be available for viewing from 9am (CST) Friday, September 18th through Sunday, September 20th at 7pm (CST). You can get your tickets online and in advance by clicking the link below.


Selected Films:

Tempest (United States)

Four women share the darkest moments in their lives.

Director: Myra Rivera

Quantum LOGOS – Vision Serpent (United States)

Going beyond the limitations of classical logic this film uses images as poetry to represent the quantum world. Using cultural icons to create visual metaphors to explore, and discover; to communicate the counterintuitive, and contradictory beauty of quantum physics.

Director: Mark Chavez

Director Statement

My artistic practice strives to utilize digital multimedia techniques to tag meaning to tangible, concrete ideas. I explore computer animation with emotive-abstraction, mapping design to emotions, with audio-reactive motion and real-time animation design. My work currently attempts to shape a sense of familiarity to themes I am exploring by using cultural archetypes and design to explain contemporary scientific ideas and concepts. I exhibit my artwork as short films, interactive and reactive, immersive fields, and print.

The Photos on My Wall (Argentina)

The director embarks in exploring the layers and potential stories behind the characters and places in old film pictures she took and plans to put on her bedroom wall.

Director: Rocio Prat Gay

Film director based in Argentina. She has completed her BA studies in Directing in Universidad del Cine and has works as a photographer and art director in various projects.

Remembrance (United States)

Much like a roll of 8mm film, our childhood memories fade as time goes on. However, the essence of these memories stay with us forever, in our dreams and in our hearts. “Remembrance” takes us to Derbyshire, giving a glimpse into family life through imagery that calls to mind days of youth and togetherness.

Director: Paul London

Paul London grew up in the rolling hills of Derbyshire, UK and has been working with film since the age of twelve when he first picked up his father’s super 8mm camera. During his college years at University of Wales, Newport, UK he created several 8mm and 16mm narrative shorts focusing on using sound design rather than dialogue to advance and tell the story – a storytelling style which he still pursues today in his independent film work.

Waiting (United Kingdom)
*Award Finalist – Student Experimental Film

Short experimental film about waiting, and the goodness that comes from patience and time passed.

Director: Sayna Fardaraghi

Ophelia (France)
*Award Finalist – Experimental Film

A tribute to the Pre-raphaelite brotherhood by telling the story of the creation of some of the most famous paintings, especially the most known “Ophelia” by Sir John Everett Millais. Where we can see nature taking more and more place in the art.

Director: Hadi Moussally

Hadi Moussally was born in Lebanon in 1987. By age 18, he decides to go study film direction in France where he acquires a first master’s degree in “Fiction Cinema” from Paris-Est Marne la Vallée University. Moussally then chooses to take on a complementary masters in “Documentary and Anthropological Cinema” from Paris X Nanterre University, in the course of Jean Rouch.

AN1_av1 (collage 18) (Spain)
*Award Finalist – Experimental Film

Several films at the same time intersect generating one and a thousand new stories. They will never see and never see a movie. The audiovisual arts do not need the story. We became non-narrative what was done to be narrative. With the technique taken from the Fine Arts, and as an audiovisual collage, we make narrative and ecological animations and hacks about films in the public domain.

Director: Luis Carlos Rodríguez García

Luis Carlos Rodríguez García. Avila Spain. I reside in Valladolid,
Fine Arts. University of the Basque Country. Currently a professor at the Faculty of Education, University of Valladolid.

I Have maid individual and collective exhibitions of painting, photography, video art, installations and audiovisual performances.

Exhale (Ukraine)

We observe the heroine in the most critical and significant moment of her life. She has been caught lonely in the wasteland, in conditions that are unsuitable and disturbing for such an irreversible process. Her fearless determination and metaphysical force turn crisis into a positive resolution of the inevitable. Finally, the heroine is not alone anymore.

Director: Igor Stekolenko

Fashion, commercial and music video director based in Kyiv, Ukraine. For over 15 years, Igor has been working as director and producer. He is also a co- founder of Creative BURO. He delves deeply into the essence of the every project he works on and aims to find the most interesting solutions during the preparation and shooting.

Fixing a Hole (France)

By trying to fix a hole to stop our mind from wandering on the other side…
“Fixing a Hole” uses my own lunar films mixed with an experimental electronic music composition including NASA lunar sound recordings.

Director: Pierre Ajavon

Pierre Ajavon is a visual artist, composer, musician, and a sociologist.
After sociology studies focused on psychedelic culture, he embarked on a long musical journey as a composer, arranger and multi-instrumentalist.
He moved into video art when he saw the possibility of bringing the sound and moving image together.

Living in Light (Australia)

A lone figure wandering the quiet outskirts of the modern world. Eskimo kisses with Santa. Joyless joyrides on construction equipment. Weightlifting in the void. A German voice over (probably god?) muses about the enigmatic nature of the cosmos and consciousness. What is this strange force that flows through us? More importantly, are you ready for some sick dance moves? Check this out.

Director: Alex Badham

Home Abyss (United States)
*Award Finalist – Student Experimental Film

Home Abyss is a an experimental personal essay film – an exploration of a home space and a body within it. Madden places themselves within the abyss of their home through projections, layered images, repetition, the use of both new and personal archival material, poetic voiceover, and a pulsing soundtrack. This creates a meditation on the different shapes home and body space can take. This story of home and isolation is particularly relevant during this time when many are quarantined in their homes and experiencing the rippling psychological and emotional effects of isolation and place/body relationship.

Director: Amanda Madden

Amanda is a queer, feminist director, editor, filmmaker, educator, artist, and emotional explorer. For the past 10 years, they have worked in media as a director and editor of commercial, web, documentary, and narrative content. They are currently working on a handful of video projects as well as pursuing their MFA in experimental non-fiction media at Hunter College. They focus on stories about identity and body, relationship and connection, and creative processes that prioritize collaboration and experimentation.

Anomalous Departures (Egypt)

A vivid Micro-segment in the life of a girl, passenger and night monger.

Director: Nizar Nassar

Director Statement

It’s hard to make real art within an allegedly a Third-world country.

However, It’s even harder to make something that you connect to when your inner is already fighting its own battles.

I hope I can consolidate those battles through cinema.

here is the end (Brazil)
*Award Finalist – Student Experimental Film

to die you must be alive.
sometimes we must wait.

an experiment on the raw nature of life and decay.

Director: Lucas Becker

Director Statement

This film is very important to me since it reflects my thoughts on death in this period and the promise I made to myself of making a film starring my great grandmother.

I Am He Who Created Myself (United States)

Joining with his shadow, the first god creates himself, the progenitor of humanity. This surrealistic film intermixes stop motion animation, time lapse photography, and live action sequences to re-imagine the Heliopolitan creation story, one of the paradigmatic creation myths recorded in antiquity.

Director: Emma Penaz Eisner

Director Statement

This film is a visual interpretation and re-telling of the human origin story from ancient times. I drew my ideas from the Jungian proposal that an individual’s psychological development mirrors the trajectory of human development as told in mythological creation stories. There are striking similarities between many ancient creation myths, possibly because different myths across cultures reflect a story we all unconsciously know. In my work, I generally am interested in bringing unconscious knowledge into awareness, and for this film in particular, I used the Heliopolitan creation myth, in which the god Atum creates himself, to tell a universal creation story. I relied on certain symbols to do that: the ouroboros, or self-eating snake; the shadow self; images of consumption and travel through flesh; greenery and fruit; and the beauty of the newborn infant. I’m working with the idea that these are symbols we all can understand; we know their meaning in an intuitive manner, through transmission of anciently held knowledge on an unconscious level.

The Stream X (Japan)
*Award Finalist – Experimental Film

In episode 10 of The Stream, I tried an experiment in which environmental sound in the water is replaced with environmental sound from outside the waterway. As a result, the viewer experiences the sound of the wind as an underwater environmental sound. The wind moves the aquatic plants and pushes along objects floating on the water.My purpose was to use the expression of the wind as a metaphor for the stream and to impress the viewer with the liveliness of water, which is the theme of this work.

Director: Hiroya Sakurai

Sakurai was born in Yokohama,Japan in 1958 and graduated from University of Tsukuba in 1985. Sakurai has taught at Seian University of Art and Design since 2012 as a professor.

Exhibitions include The 4th Sydney Biennale (1982), Postwar Art in Japan, The Getty Center, Los Angeles (2007), 62nd Melbourne International Film Festival (2013), 58th San Francisco International Film Festival, 13th International Festival Signes de Nuit, Paris (all 2015).

Sakurai’s work can be found in the collections of the National Gallery of Canada and J.Paul Getty Trust.

Šviesa (United States)

In the moment of his death, Henry must release his deepest regrets.

Director: Emanuelle Daga

I’m particularly attached to Šviesa because it is an experimental project. Very rarely directors get the chance to tell stories that comes directly from the subconscious. Without structures, rules nor restrictions of any sort.

Šviesa made it possible for me and my team to show the darkest chambers of our brains, that too often remain secret and unuttered. Thanks to its unconventional storytelling style it made it also possible to deliver those images and emotions that, like in a dream, are for sure difficult to decipher, but that have a strong impact on us with their symbolic meanings. Symbols with powerful and esoteric meanings that can transcend the surface-level of consciousness.

Transparent, the world is (Japan)

he portrait of me and my daughters which depicts the relationship between “the personality” and “the world / the society” as of 2018.
This is the story about an intense dichotomy inside / outside of me. It goes back and forth between “the personality” and “the world / the society”, my daughters become social / universal existences from personal existences. The definition of “red” extends to “life” and appears as a powerless and religious Daruma doll which loses its arms and legs. “White” and “black” rise above a simple dichotomy and start to possess the concept of “gray”. And the world which is made of a mix of various colors becomes “transparent”.
If you keep sticking to “the personality”, it changes to “the world”. This is my destination throughout my creative activities and shows what the world is.

Director: Yuri Muraoka

Yuri Muraoka was born in Tokyo in 1981.

Dropped out of the high school attached to Japan Women’s University,
graduated the 26th class of Image Forum Institute of the Moving Image.
Continues to create moving images and photographic works of “self-portaiture”.

All of her works are self-created and self-performed.
Mother of two children.

Fountain of Planet (Japan)

This film is base the fact that what reffer from this planet earth completely is “Only Fever”,and other materials will remain anyway(This theory is Defined as The 2nd Law ).And all of the life living on this planet has its origin with the water.

Director: Hiroshi Atobe

Director Statement

An Artist who express the relationship between ordinany life and whole world,trying to transforming the accident of which modern customs to the poetic scence.

* A note that due to the move online because of COVID – not all films selected for the 2020 MWFF will be available for screening online.

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