2020 MWFF Music Video Showcase

18 music videos from around the world have been selected for our 2020 MWFF Music Video Showcase!*

All showcases for the #2020MWFF will be available for viewing from 9am (CST) Friday, September 18th through Sunday, September 20th at 7pm (CST). You can get your tickets online and in advance by clicking the link below.


Selected Films:

Carry Me (United States)

An alcoholic mother struggles to free herself from addiction after the loss of her daughter.

Director: Shawn Spitler

I’m an international award winning filmmaker and former U.S. Marine combat photographer; and before I was able to drive I was making movies in my backyard in rural Ohio with a VHS camcorder.

During my time in the Marines I learned to document the human condition in a single photograph; a storyteller as interested in people as I am in pictures.

In 2014 I received an MFA from NYU’s Tisch School of Film and TV before my wife and I traded skyscrapers for palm trees in Southern California. We now live in Washington, DC, but we work across the country, making movies and videos to tell stories that impact our culture.

HOME (South Africa)

Needless to say, the Covid-19 epidemic has brought the world’s people and economies to its knees. And it’s still unfolding as we well know.
South Africa faces her own challenges, and right now hunger seems to be an even bigger threat than this invisible enemy.
Filmmaker Uga Carlini from Towerkop Creations, and artist Donovan Copley from Hot Water, got on their phones to see what could be done with what they know best – filmmaking and music, but like all of us – from their HOME(S). This was their first 100% quarantine project during South Africa’s hard 5 week lock down. The toughest one we have seen globally.
And they reached out to an incredible bunch, from all over the world; some known, some not, to join them. And they did.

Director: Uga L Carlini

Director Statement

Home was made for every single human on this planet that’s going through this surreal moment in time that we are finding ourselves in because of a virus called Covid-19. We also did it to help with the hunger of our children because of this virus that is becoming a bigger threat than the virus itself in South Africa at present. 100% of all proceeds, across all channels during the Epidemic, will be going to the Covid-19 Feed a Child coalition. The music video was made in 100% quarantine conditions, during South Africa’s hard lockdown period. Sixteen countries took part. So from my heart to yours, my warm embrace to you: Home.

Make Me (United States)

It’s a song about heart ache and dreaming of a perfect future. The mental state of the song is in the throws of anxiety. Feeling like the world is ending when, in fact, everything is fine.

Director: Ford R Corl

Director Statement

This was a true labor of love and a great example of what you can do with a couple of people, a drone, a computer and time. I really hope you enjoy it.

Happy Sad Face (United States)

Bigfoot hunter sets out on his final mission to find Sasquatch. He finds it, and they fall in love. Dancing, frolicking, holding hands and making love. Until the creature rips the Bigfoot hunters heart out.

Director: Rawn Erickson II

Director Statement

Music Video is my favorite art form. There is room for so much expression within the confines of a song. I listen for the narrative in the music and try to build a world that is just outside of our reality.

Breakaway (United States)

Two young thieves decide to take matters into their own hands. A music video.

Director: Nicole Tucker

Nicole Tucker is a young filmmaker. She has studied acting at the Neighborhood Playhouse Youth Conservatory for the past six years; and, as well as NP, has attended the New York Film Academy during the summer. Nicole has turned her love of acting into a love of creating and directing films. Her works have been recognized by the Folger Shakespeare Library, the All American High School Film Festival, and the NCA Cappies, among others.

Nicole is inspired by the world around her and believes that she can have a positive influence on it.

Escape (United States)
*Award Finalist – Music Video

Escape is a song that can be interpreted in many different ways but in the end, we’re dealing with a way to unload our trauma and let out our emotions whether it be through drawing or finally garnering the strength to release our voice and LET IT BE HEARD. This video is about love and specifically in this particular story, familial love and the difficulty of divorce on the children involved. Children are often left alone with their voices washed away in the process as they witness the distance growing between their parents… But, the memories of home will never leave them.

Director: Jonathan Goetzman

Director Statement

Escape is a song that can be interpreted in many different ways but in the end, we’re dealing with a way to unload our trauma and let out our emotions whether it be through drawing or finally garnering the strength to release our voice and LET IT BE HEARD. This video is about love and specifically in this particular story, familial love and the difficulty of divorce on the children involved. Children are often left alone with their voices washed away in the process as they witness the distance growing between their parents… But, the memories of home will never leave them.

Midang Midang (Malaysia)

Midang Midang is an old Kelabit courtship song, handed to musician Alena Murang by her grandaunty Tepu’ Ira. The Kelabit people are native to Borneo, with population of 6000 people their language is threatened, meaning it could disappear with Alena’s generation. This music video is a contemporary adaptation of the song and its story, a project by indigenous creative youths of Borneo and their teams.

Director: Sarah Lois Dorai

You (Germany)

Two struggling fighters – a master and his student.
A story of persistence, commitment, following your dream, and never giving up. Ever.

Director: Timon Birkhofer

Timon grew up as the youngest of 9 children in Stuttgart, Germany. During his first life as a professional musician, he started making music videos for his own bands and quickly transitioned to directing content for other artists.

Since then, Timon has worked with artists such as A-ha, AVICII, Lady Gaga, and The Weeknd, as well as major labels like Virgin Records, Island Records, Sony Music, Warner Music, and Universal Music, creating films that have been viewed by hundreds of millions worldwide. To this day, Timon loves directing music videos as a testing ground for new ideas and technologies.

Seven Billions (Russian Federation)

The video essay opens a passage from the monologue of a young cadet who talks about a letter written by his girlfriend specifically for him with a request to read it in an unusual place. Surely this letter is special for a guy, but we still won’t find out what it is about, which gives us the opportunity to recall our childhood and youthful emotions, feelings, dreams and aspirations.

Director: Igor Gladkov

Director Statement

Man is important – the rest is convention.

Unseen (France)

A portrait of different characters who have one thing in common: Loneliness.

Director: Naïma Pöhler

Naima is an awarded actress, singer, dancer/choreographer and director.
A multi-faceted artist, Naima graduates from the Paris Musical Academy in 2015. Her training includes the prestigious Rick Odums dance institute and the National Center for Living Arts, where she obtains a dance teacher diploma in 2019.

Between 2013 and 2019, Naima works as a review leader for musicals such as “Around the world in 80 days”, “The Jungle Book”, and as a dancer for several prime-time French TV shows.
More recently, Naima started started at the famed Broadway Dance Center, where she studies and hones her skills as a dancer and choreographer.

Letting Go (Alec Cohen)
*Award Finalist – Student Music Video

A Music Video demonstrating a unique perspective on the building and crumbling of a contemporary relationship.

Director: Alec Cohen-Schisler

Alec Cohen-Schisler was born in Palo Alto, CA. He received a flip camera at the age of nine and created his initial YouTube channel, TheAlecman123. After retiring the channel and choosing to focus on serious filmmaking in 2013, he began on his current channel, Alecman123. He made several short films, then began submitting to film festivals. In 2014 his short “What if you Slept?” made it into Cinequest International Film Festival. In 2016 his short “We Real Cool” also made it into Cinequest, and received a Gold Key from Scholastic’s Art and Writing National Competition. His other short “Brown Penny” made it into the San Francisco International Film Festival, as well as other smaller festivals.

Bust Ya Windows (United States)

A short music video featuring Elon University’s Sweet Signatures Acapella Group’s cover of “Bust Ya Windows” by Jazmine Sullivan.

Directors: Emma Kopkowski, Abbie Vandruff

Paradiso (United Kingdom)

Shot on location on the beautiful Italian island of Sicily, this is the official music video for Kings of Convenience and Whitest Boy Alive star, Erlend Øye .

The film is about the wave of friends, tourists, lovers, and musicians who leave Sicily at the end of each summer for the mainland and the bittersweet memories of those who remain on the island. More broadly, the music video is about those in life who leave and those who stay.

Director: Mike Beech

Director Statement

We had a great time making this and the whole team really pulled together to squeeze every last drop out of the short shooting time we had available to us.

I believe that through this teamwork we were able to do justice to the mood and sentiment of the song and capture that special and unique feeling Sicily has at the end of summer.

Run Wild / Feeling Forever (Canada)
*Award Finalist – Music Video

The concept for the film is a psychological narrative following one woman’s journey through time and space, searching for something she’s lost. Run Wild (Part I) & Feeling Forever (Part II) immerse viewers deep into an imaginative, science-fiction world, exploring love, virtual reality, simulations, and more.

Director: Sean Cartwright

Terroir (United States)

The French word ‘terroir’ is used across many languages and cultures to describe the soil and climate factors that give wine its character. Metaphorically, we can look at our human upbringing and the resulting character of various world cultures as ‘terroir’. Factually, we all originate from women, but it is the rare culture that respects or honors this truth. Why do we pervert the vessel of life to its own self-denial?

Director: Dawn Westlake

Dawn Westlake is president of Ron de Cana Prods, Inc. in Los Angeles. She has made 22 films since 2000 which have won 82 awards, including honors from Canon USA, Inc. and JVC-Tokyo. Dawn is also an actress/writer/producer and has judged film festivals in the USA, France, Italy and Portugal.

Shipwrecked (United States)
*Award Finalist – Music Video

As the members of Ruby Roses make their way to a gig by sea, they encounter a storm that puts their show (and lives) in jeopardy.

Director: Patrick Kelly

Super Bon Bon (United States)

Music Video for Super Bon Bon by Miss Velvet and the Blue Wolf

Director: Tal Ben-Avraham

Tender, Like This (Canada)
*Award Finalist – Student Music Video

Mixed-media music video for two songs, following a group of young adults searching for connection in an increasingly isolated city.

Director: Geoffrey Scott

Director Statement

This video is the result of countless late nights turned into early mornings, spent drawing, animating, compositing, recording, mixing, and dreaming. The majority of the 6 months it took to make this video, I worked alone in my bedroom, but without a doubt, the heart and soul lies in the amazing cast of friends and collaborators who posed, danced, and pantomimed in front of the green screen.

* A note that due to the move online because of COVID – not all films selected for the 2020 MWFF will be available for screening online.

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