2020 MWFF Narrative Short Film Showcase #2

9 short narrative films from around the world have been selected for our 2020 MWFF Narrative Short Film Session #2!*

All showcases for the #2020MWFF will be available for viewing from 9am (CST) Friday, September 18th through Sunday, September 20th at 7pm (CST). You can get your tickets online and in advance by clicking the link below.


Selected Films:

Lizard (Guatemala)
*Award Finalist – Student Narrative Short

The relationship between siblings Veronica and Ricky is tested when an unexpected visitor reappears in Veronica’s life.

Director: Emily Gularte

Director Statement

I felt compelled to tell a story that is essentially about emptiness through the eyes of a child. I wanted to show children have to deal with such vulnerable, life-changing and grown-up moments on their own. I wanted to see them make mistakes that are direct results of the mistakes their parents committed: Lack of communication. Lack of trust. Lack of empathy.
My main motivation was never to make a perfect short, it was to be honest. My goal is to hopefully have people watch it and analyze their own decisions, and be a little more conscious about the things that happen when we choose to do or say something that will forever change our path and the path of those around us.

Mother Tongue (Australia)

17-year-old Jane begins to embrace her background and rekindle her relationship with her mother when she becomes immersed in Chinese culture at her younger sister

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