MWFF 2021 Schedule and COVID Procedures

Our 14th annual event will be held in-person at the Nordlof Theater on September 17th, 18th, and 19th. Tickets will only be available at the box office on the same days as the screenings. A one day ticket is $5. We accept credit or cash.

Filmmakers who have work in the festival receive a full fest VIP pass that allows for them and a guest to attend any session. They may pick those up at the Nordlof Theater box office any day of the fest.

COVID-19 Procedures

Masks will be required and must be worn the entire time attendees are in the Nordlof Theater.

All screenings will be limited to 100 attendees each. This is to allow more room for social distancing in the theater.

To assist that the mask policy is being followed inside the theater there will not be any pre-show receptions or food/drink provided this year. We would recommend a visit to any of the many area restaurants or coffee shops near the theater before or after the screenings.


11am – 1pm
US and World Narrative Films: Session #1
(Doors and Box Office open at 10:30am)
(Ages 15+)

Afterparty  (Narrative/Student – Macedonia)
Amber Necklace  (Narrative/Student – United Kingdom)
Brothers Again  (Narrative/Student – Switzerland)
Fresh Peaches  (Narrative/Student – USA)
Heading South  (Narrative/Student – USA)
Hejleh  (Narrative/Experimental – USA)
Partly Cloudy with Thunderstorm Hazard  (Narrative/Student – Costa Rica)
Quarantine  (Narrative – Russia)
Ring  (Narrative/Student – China)
The Flowers of Longing  (Narrative/Student – Mexico)
The Traveller  (Narrative – Japan)

3pm – 5pm
US and World Experimental Films and Music Videos
(Doors and Box Office open at 2:30pm)
(Ages 15+)

5 Times the Speed of Sound  (Music Video/Student – Germany)
A Machine for Boredom  (Experimental – USA)
All I Want is Here  (Music Video – Spain)
Bat  (Music Video – China)
Costume Change Forever  (Experimental – USA)
Herman Faustus Chatman Pt. 2  (Music Video – Canada)
I am a Motif  (Experimental/Student – Japan)
Is This What You Dreamed, Then?  (Music Video – Canada)
Lairs  (Experimental – USA)
Magnética  (Experimental – Brazil)
Memory Map  (Experimental – USA)
Miles and Kilometres  (Experimental – USA)
Miracles  (Music Video – Australia)
Seer & Seen  (Experimental/Student – Iran)
Shake You Off  (Music Video/Student – Australia)
Skyrocket  (Music Video – USA)
Snow Storm  (Music Video/Student – Russia)
Surplus  (Experimental/Student – USA)
The Stream XI  (Experimental – Japan)
Question  (Music Video – USA)
Unexpected Guests  (Music Video – Canada)
What Was the Deal  (Music Video – Canada)
Zwischenlicht  (Music Video – USA)

Doors and Box Office open for the 2021 MWFF Awards Announcement and Spotlight Film screening

Welcome and Opening Remarks
2021 MWFF Award Winners announced

7:15pm – 9pm
Spotlight Award Film screening – Rockford, IL Premiere!
“All These Sons” (Documentary – USA)
Directors: Joshua Altman and Bing Liu
(Ages 15+)

12pm – 2pm
US and World Animated Films
(Doors and Box Office open at 11:30am)
(Ages 15+)

Anton  (Animation/Student – USA)
Casa del Alma  (Animation/Student – USA)
Chocolate  (Animation/Student – China)
Faust  (Animation/Student – Poland)
Fruffeltin  (Animation/Student – USA)
Heartstrings  (Animation/Student – USA)
Kandittundu [Seen It]  (Animation – India)
KAVAL  (Animation – Macedonia)
On / Off  (Animation – Argentina)
Peace and Quiet  (Animation/Student – USA)
Pebbles  (Animation – USA)
Peregrine  (Animation – Israel)
Stereotype  (Animation – Republic of Korea)
The Big (Deep) Sleep  (Animation/Experimental – USA)
The Boy and the Mountain  (Animation – Chile)
The Boy and the Owl  (Animation – Portugal)
Ways of Keeping  (Animation – United Kingdom)

3 – 5pm
US and World Narrative Films: Session #2
(Doors and Box Office open at 2:30pm)
(Ages 15+)

Charon  (Narrative – France)
Ms. Rossi  (Narrative – Italy)
Otava  (Narrative/Student – Slovenia)
Rebel  (Narrative – Canada)
Roadkill  (Narrative/Student – USA)
Sukar  (Narrative – France)
The Last Ferry from Grass Island  (Narrative – USA)
With New Eyes  (Narrative/Student – Greece)

7pm – 8:45pm
Spotlight Award Film – Encore screening
(Doors and Box Office open at 6:30pm)
“All These Sons” (Documentary – USA)
Directors: Joshua Altman and Bing Liu
(Ages 15+)

12pm – 2pm
US and World Documentary Short Films
(Doors and Box Office open at 11:30am)
(Ages 15+)

Amplitude of Thoughts  (Documentary/Student – USA)
Baba  (Documentary – Australia)
Bittersweet  (Documentary/Student – USA)
Born Amish  (Documentary/Student – USA)
Coffee & Sugar  (Documentary – USA)
Duckman  (Documentary/Student – Canada)
Gentrification  (Documentary/Student – USA)
Left Unsaid  (Documentary/Student – Estonia)
Point Symmetry  (Documentary/Student – Russia)
Pretty Vacant  (Documentary – USA)
Three Drops of Water  (Documentary/Student – USA)

3pm – 5pm
Regional Filmmakers Screening and Q and A
(Doors and Box Office open at 2:30pm)
(Ages 15+)

Background Material  (Experimental/Student – USA)
Clarence of Tomorrow  (Animation – USA)
Every Color at Once  (Documentary/Student – USA)
Fishnap  (Narrative/Student – USA)
Jules  (Narrative/Student – USA)
Let The Children Come To Me [Mu Mano Tulge Latse]  (Music Video – Netherlands)
little fears  (Music Video – USA)
Love You in the Morning  (Music Video – USA)
Porcelain  (Narrative/Student – USA)
Those Who Move Mountains  (Narrative/Student – USA)

We hope to see you at the #2021MWFF!