Our 15th annual event will be held in-person at the Nordlof Theater on September 16th, 17th, and 18th. Tickets are now available for pre-sale online here: https://mosaicfilmfest.com/index.php/attend/

Tickets will also be available at the box office on the same days as the screenings. A full fest VIP ticket is $10 or a one day ticket is $5. At the box office we will accept credit or cash.

Filmmakers who have work in the festival receive a full fest VIP pass that allows for them and a guest to attend any session. They may pick those up at the RPL Nordlof Theater box office any day of the fest.


11am – 1pm
US and World Narrative Films: Session #1
(Doors and Box Office open at 10:30am)
(Ages 15+)

Amir & Alice
(Narrative – Israel)
Directed by: Gal Gonen

(Narrative/Student – Canada)
Directed by: Kendra D’silva-King

Monday Mourning
(Narrative/Student – USA)
Directed by: Dustin Kahia

(Narrative/Student – UK)
Directed by: Jonathan Payne

Speed Dating
(Narrative – Russia)
Directed by: Maxim Kaplya

(Narrative – USA)
Directed by: Christy Anna Wu

(Narrative – Finland)
Directed by: Joni Tuominen                                               

Winter 1941
(Narrative/Student – USA)
Directed by: Mailli Brown

2pm – 4pm
US and World Experimental Films and Music Videos
(Doors and Box Office open at 1:30pm)
(Ages 15+)


Beyond the Broken Bottle
(Experimental/Student – USA) 
Directed by: Nicole Tucker

(Experimental/Student – Portugal)
Directed by: Christian Schneider

Collage 38.2
(Experimental – Spain)
Directed by: Luis Carlos Rodríguez

(Experimental – Germany)
Directed by: Martin Gerigk

(Experimental – Japan)
Directed by: Hiroshi Atobe

FreeWorld – “D-Up (Here’s To Diversity)
(Music Video – USA)
Directed by: Richard Cushing

(Experimental – Singapore)
Directed by: Jie Jie Ng

It’s Getting Bad Again
(Experimental/Student – USA)
Directed by: Sarah Reyes

Luminous 2
(Experimental – UK)
Directed by: Matthew Pell

(Music Video – Italy)
Directed by: Giuseppe Lanno

Press Pound to Connect
(Experimental/Student – USA)
Directed by: Alexander Fingrutd

(Music Video – Canada)
Directed by: Cantiane Breton

PROGedia “Down”
(Music Video – Italy)
Directed by: Alessandro Amaducci

RIP 9-5
(Experimental/Student – USA)
Directed by: Ben Alderman

Ruined World: An AI Elegy
(Experimental – Hong Kong)
Directed by: Zoran Poposki

(Experimental – USA)
Directed by: Barbara Stepansky

(Experimental – USA)
Directed by: Jing Wang and Harvey Goldman

The Body of a Rational Creature
(Experimental – USA)
Directed by: Jordan Skutar

The Dark Forest
(Experimental – USA)
Directed by: Martin Del Carpio

Transparent, I am.
(Experimental – Japan)
Directed by: Yuri Muraoka

(Experimental – USA)
Directed by: Albina Kim, Pablo Di Prima, and Minzy Li

Warm Hands
(Music Video/Animation – Japan)
Directed by: Tsuneo Goda

2022 MWFF Opening Night reception                                               
Food + Drink, Live Music, Red Carpet and Photos

7pm – 7:15pm
Welcome and Opening Remarks
2022 MWFF Award Winners announced

7:20pm – 9pm
Spotlight Award Film screening – Rockford, IL Premiere!

The Justice of Bunny King
(Narrative Feature – New Zealand)
Director: Gaysorn Thavat
Writer: Sophie Henderson
Cast: Essie Davis, Thomasin McKenzie
(Ages 15+)

Bunny King (Essie Davis Game of Thrones, The Babadook), a headstrong mother of two with a sketchy past, earns her keep by washing windows at traffic lights. Using her razor-sharp wit to charm money from gridlocked motorists, she saves every cent to get back the custody of her kids. After promising  her daughter a birthday party, Bunny must fight the social services and break the rules to keep her word, but in doing so risks losing her children altogether. Accompanied by her niece Tonya (Thomasin McKenzie JoJo Rabbit, Last Night in Soho), a fierce teenager running away from home, Bunny is in a race against the clock and headed towards an epic showdown with the authorities.

11am – 1pm
US and World Animated Films
(Doors and Box Office open at 11:30am)
(Ages 15+)

Fly Fishing
(Animation – USA)
Directed by: David Richardson

(Animation – Poland)
Directed by: Slawek Zalewski

Girl in the Water

(Animation/Student – Taiwan)
Directed by: Shi-Rou Huang

Gyoro Goes to the Theater
(Animation – Japan)
Directed by: Shoichi “DAVID” Haruyama

(Animation/Student – USA)
Directed by: Zoe Neely

(Animation/Student – USA)
Siobhan Gannon and Eryk White

Moonlit Rendezvous
(Animation/Student – USA)
Directed by: Yu-Chieh Liu

Mr. Catman Bring Me a Dream

(Animation/Student – Taiwan)
Directed by: Tzu-Yu Pan


(Animation/Student – USA)
Directed by: Sung Min Park

My Name is Maalum
(Animation – Brazil)
Directed by: Luísa Copetti

O’o: The Last Voice of Kauai
(Animation/Student – USA)
Directed by: Hanah Cincotta

(Animation – China)
Directed by: Shuo Liu

The Frolic

(Animation/Student – Taiwan)
Directed by: Yi-Han Jhao

The Reincarnated Giant
(Animation – China)
Directed by: Han Yang

(Animation – Portugal)
Directed by: Nelson Fernandes

(Animation – USA)
Directed by: Nathania Zaini

2pm – 4pm
US and World Narrative Films: Session #2
(Doors and Box Office open at 1:30pm)
(Ages 15+)

All In
(Narrative/Student – Canada)
Directed by: Philippe Vanasse-Paquet and Rosalie Rémillard

(Narrative/Student – Russia)
Directed by: Daur Ladariya

(Narrative/Student – Russia)
Directed by: Asha Shovgan

Radio Freedom
(Narrative – Netherlands)
Directed by: Ismar Vejzovic and Bafl Sarhang

(Narrative/Student – Japan)
Directed by: Ryoji Hattori

Sins Of The Father
(Narrative – Trinidad and Tobago)
Directed by: Azriel Bahadoor

2022 MWFF Filmmakers Reception
Meet and Greet for all Filmmakers of the 2022 MWFF
Food + Drink, Live Music, Red Carpet and Photos

7pm – 8:45pm
Regional Filmmakers Screening

A Psychogeography of Mourning
(Documentary – USA)
Directed by: Shayna Connelly

(Documentary/Student – USA)
Directed by: Mykhailo Bogdanov

(Narrative – USA)
Directed by: Julia Moore

From One to Another

(Narrative – USA)
Directed by: Rachel Del Valle

(Experimental – USA)
Directed by: Inna Dmitrieva

Level One
(Animation/Student – USA)
Directed by: Christopher Bennett

(Music Video – USA)
Directed by: Hart Ginsburg

Seizure the Day
(Narrative/Student – USA)
Directed by: Mackenzie Hopfauf

(Music Video/Student – USA)
Directed by Leo Majors

The Giant
(Animation/Student – USA)
Directed by: Brendan Sullivan and Noah Kentwortz

To You, Deary
(Music Video/Student – USA)
Directed by: Seth Anderson

We Demand
(Documentary – USA)
Directed by: Nicholas Stange

11am – 1pm
US and World Documentary Films
(Doors and Box Office open at 10:30am)
(Ages 15+)

A Little Bit of Paradise
(Documentary – Poland)
Directed by: Andrzej Cichocki

Between Two Worlds
(Documentary – USA)
Directed by: Jax Weiner

(Documentary/Student – USA)
Directed by: Camille Dianand

(Documentary/Student – Australia)
Directed by: Ayo Busari

(Documentary – USA)
Directed by: Claiborne Martell

(Documentary – Canada)
Directd by: Eva Colmers

Sound of Memories
(Documentary – United Arab Emirates)
Directed by: Gargi Chakrabarti

The Girl with the Accent
(Documentary – United Arab Emirates)
Directed by: Nadia Durry

Why is My Grandfather’s Bed in My Living Room?
(Documentary – United Arab Emirates)
Directed by: Sarah Alhashimi 

1:15pm – 2:45
Feature Screening #1
(Documentary – Belgium)
Directed by: Antonio Spano

The Democratic Republic of Congo could feed almost 1 in 2 people on Earth.

Yet one in six Congolese people suffer from hunger.
Yet one in two Congolese suffers from moderate acute malnutrition.
Yet agriculture accounts for 70% of the population there.

Faced with this paradox, the peasants regroup in agricultural cooperatives. A handful of them share their daily lives with us, that of all those they represent.

Even if they don’t know each other, live thousands of hundreds of kilometers from each other, participate in different agricultural sectors, their voices resonate in this powerful, sensitive and sincere documentary.

3pm – 4:30pm
Feature Screening #2
Sweet Disaster
(Narrative – Germany)
Directed by: Laura Lehmus

SWEET DISASTER tells the story of FRIDA. German-Finnish, painting therapist and 40-y.o. Two events change the usual course of her life. She gets unexpectedly pregnant and FELIX, the father
of her child breaks up with her to re-unite with his ex who is suddenly back. FELIX admits that it is not the best timing, however it does not prevent him from leaving. FRIDA cannot accept FELIX’ decision. Although some serious health problems caused by the late pregnancy force her to rest, she tries to get FELIX back with the help of absurd, exaggerated and sometimes absolutely comic actions.

4:45pm – 6pm
Feature Screening #3

(Documentary – USA)
Directed by: Anuradha Rana and Laurie Little

Musher peels back the veil behind the bond that four women have between their dogs and the world of sled-dog racing. As each woman prepares for the Copperdog annual race, we reveal the intimate insight into the mushing community, devotion to that lifestyle, and how women influence the sport.

6:30pm – 7:30pm
Feature Screening #4
The Long Weekend
(Narrative – USA)
Directed by: David Matthew Dawson

Two brothers, Mike and Nick, go on their annual camping trip while grappling with the death of a close friend. The grieving process forces them to confront obstacles in their personal lives and the isolation tests their relationship like never before.

We hope to see you at the #2022MWFF!