Our motto is: Make a film. Change the world.

The Mosaic World Film Fest presents quality independent work that may not otherwise be seen in commercial theaters, and represents filmmakers and film communities from around the world. We are proudly personal and cordial, feeling more like a cinematheque than a more traditional fest. We take our name from the famous quote by filmmaker Andrei Tarkovsky: “Film is a mosaic of time.”

We are looking for competence in the filmmaking craft; work that has vision and spirit; original subjects with well-told stories; and diverse voices. We look for films that represent different facets of filmmaking, from polished productions to no-budget gems.

The festival welcomes comedy and drama and everything in between. We have categories for narrative, documentary, experimental, animated projects, and music videos of any length. We have both student and open awards for all of our categories. Entries from any country are accepted.

Our past MWFF fest judges have included some terrific filmmakers including: Oscar-winning director Dan Lindsay, Oscar-nominated and Sundance Film Festival winning director Bing Liu, Film and TV director Elizabeth Allen Rosenbaum, cinematographer Cynthia Pusheck A.S.C., production designer Kevin Conran, educator and filmmaker Camille DeBose, and many more.

The 17th annual fest will be held in person at the RPL Nordlof Center in Rockford, IL on September 13th, 14th, and 15th, 2024. For more information on us please visit the MWFF website or look for the hashtag #2024MWFF across all social media platforms. To purchase tickets in advance online please visit our event page.

Submissions for our 2024 fest will be open from October 1st, 2023 – June 25th, 2024.