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Li-Wei Hsu Illustrates “The Boundaryless Night”

In the ho-hum of the evening, two interesting characters cross paths. A hungry stray cat sneaks into a house, which is owned by a woman who just lost her son […]

Molly Murphy: “Winners Are Few, But One Could Be You.”

Imagine the end of the world coming, and the only chance you have a at survival is one little lottery ticket? Molly Murphy is taking us there with her animated […]

Triple Threat: Mildred Garcerant

“Having a brother imprisoned, an unprecedented situation in my family, was an exercise of empathy with the troubled, not only my brother, but the others. It was about being with […]

“Midang Midang” Radiates Visual Healing; Introducing, Director Sarah Lois Dorai

“I have always been in awe of how a film can make you feel. I suppose that has always been the basis of wanting to become a film director. But […]

Romance is the Medicine in “To Love A Ladybug”

“Even before I knew what stop motion was, I could tell that the medium stood out from the crowd. It constantly captivated me as a kid from watching Ray Harryhausen […]

“L’ITALIANO CHE INVENTO’ IL CINEMA” Director Spotlight: Stefano Anselmi

“Honestly, at the age of 19, I wanted to be a Poet.” After graduating from the Civic School of Cinema in Milan (’99), Stefano Anselmi began his Film career as […]

New Zealand Native Covers Us In “Elementa”

Engulfed in sound, stimulating visuals, ethereal graphics and transitions, “Elementa” lifts its viewer to a place of exaltation. It is so tech-savy how Director Richard Sidey splits the screen with […]

First Generation American Filmmaker Shows How To “Escape” Through Visual Artistry

Jonathan Goetzman has always had an affinity for movies. It is what lead him to become a director. “Remembering lines, names of actors, directors…I became very much like a film […]

Who Runs This Space Ship? MEET THE FOUNDER! Jerry LaBuy

Ever want to grill your boss interview style? I sat down with Founder of Mosaic World Film Festival, Jerry LaBuy, and asked him everything a new intern wants to know […]


Molly Perez is the Media Production Intern for Mosaic World Film Festival, 2020. She hails from Belvidere, Illinois; a small town 15 miles east of Rockford. Molly attends Rock Valley […]