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“Good Dog” offers a short and sweet approach to love

“Good Dog” has a short and simple premise: a story about a dog and its unconditional love for its owner. Tim Cant is an animator from Australia who has always wanted to make […]

Bellusci’s “Posse” is a beautiful blend of dark and light

When Jenna and company decide to visit a new neighborhood, their reception is less than enthusiastic. Why is everyone staring at them? Must be jealousy. “Posse” is a narrative dark […]

Gonzalez’s “Osha’s Gift” is a beautiful art form

Ashwaq Abdullah is a successful Emarati artist who discovers a new sense of what art means by attending an art therapy session and befriending Osha, a very special girl. Director […]

Maier’s “An Evening of Eternity” is a devilish detachment

Constantin Maier’s narrative film follows Jonas, the young owner of a vinyl record store, who stumbles into a mysterious tavern by chance one evening. The tavern is detached from time […]

Baracho’s “Los tomatoes de Carmelo” explores solitude and serenity

Brazilian director Danilo Baracho tells the story of Carmelo, an old man with an honest pact with solitude. It hasn’t rained this spring and the soil is too hard. For the first […]

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #1

2017 MWFF Short Film Session #1 – Full Program The 2017 MWFF World Film Fest opens with their Short Film Session #1 on Friday, August 25th at 11am! 14 short […]

Erika Street explores fear and friendship in “The Orange Story”

February 1942. President Roosevelt signs Executive Order 9066, which authorizes the forced “relocation” of 120,000 ethnic Japanese from their homes and into incarceration camps throughout the U.S. Koji Oshima is […]

Riley Blakeway directs Cherry Glazerr’s empowering music video

Riley Blakeway directs a visually stunning music video for Cherry Glazerr’s song “Told You I’d Be With The Guys.” Cherry Glazerr, an American rock band from L.A., just released their third album […]

Jesse Veverka’s “Passfire” lights up Feature Film screenings

“Passfire: A Film About Fireworks Culture Across the Globe” is an independently produced documentary by director Jesse Veverka about the culture of fireworks in 23 countries. Veverka trained as an […]

Elliot Spencer’s “Long Yearning”

“Long Yearning” is an experimental film directed by Australian native Elliot Spencer, and details the “lives of Chinese factory workers and the nature of repetitive industrialized work.” Some of Spencer’s […]