5 feature narrative films from around the world have been selected for our 2020 MWFF Feature Film Showcase.*

All showcases for the #2020MWFF will be available for viewing from 9am (CST) Friday, September 18th through Sunday, September 20th at 7pm (CST). You can get your tickets online and in advance by clicking the link below.

BONE BARREL (United States)

Are you ready to rumble? The Bone Barrel Crew are going to break backs and bottles while trying to figure out what they are doing with their lives. The dynamic duo of Mike and Jordan are thinking about their future while the walking hurricane, Ben, can’t cope with being left behind.

Director: David Dawson

Midwestern media maker currently residing in Madison, Wisconsin. Graduated with a Bachelor’s Degree in Cinema and Photography from Southern Illinois University Carbondale.

CAN ART STOP A BULLET: William Kelly’s Big Picture (Australia)
*Award Finalist – Spotlight Feature

William Kelly, widely considered the social conscience of Australian art, once said

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