First Generation American Filmmaker Shows How To “Escape” Through Visual Artistry

Jonathan Goetzman has always had an affinity for movies. It is what lead him to become a director. “Remembering lines, names of actors, directors…I became very much like a film encyclopedia for my family. What I loved the most about movies though, is the ability to make a viewer feel and escape into a world that can truly move them.” Goetzman is a first-generation American filmmaker, raised with an affinity and immerse love for his Moroccan/Israeli upbringing, which he passionately incorporates into his work.

This year, Goetzman submitted his Music Video for the song “Escape” by singer/songwriter Vincent Lima. “Vincent’s song felt very easy to visualize because of the passion in his voice and the truth in his lyrics. His genuine willingness to collaborate with me and my crew made this experience one of the best collaborations I’ve had.”

Goetzman’s take on the inspiring and haunting mood that Lima sets for us, starts with dissonance. We see a face lit with innocence even though the tone is dark. Soothing piano cuts through the tension and whisks us alongside the haunting footage of a family mixed with real time account of hard times of a family; a juxtaposition between being helpless in a chaotic environment. Nothing can unplug the audience from lyrics “Help me escape, take me away.” There’s something really powerful about ingesting art that echoes the current emotional climate of the world.

“The medium has truly been an escape for me throughout my life and I don’t know where I’d be without it.” – Jonathan Goetzman on Filmmaking in our Director’s Spotlight series.

Category: Music Video

Run time: 05:10

Themes: Family, Hardships, Piano, Realism

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