Li-Wei Hsu Illustrates “The Boundaryless Night”

In the ho-hum of the evening, two interesting characters cross paths. A hungry stray cat sneaks into a house, which is owned by a woman who just lost her son in an accident, looking for food. Loss and grief effects all of us. The topic’s impact on people and how they deal with it, is beautifully painted .in Li-Wei Hsu’s “The Boundaryless Night”

” ‘The Boundaryless Night’ was inspired by a chapter in Man With the Compound Eyes, written by Wu Ming-Yi. Many people think this film is about mother, it is, but more is about capturing that moment when light came into a desperate soul.

When asked about her inspiration for the film, Hsu answered “ I listen to podcasts and sometimes musicals while doing inking and coloring for animation.” She added a nod to the person who supported her the most during the process; “Definitely my professor, also the animation advisor for this film, Frank Greshman. Without him it would be impossible to complete this project on time.”

“After a few years of practicing in animation, submitting to some great film festivals seemed like a great option to challenge myself.  Thanks again to Mosaic for giving me this chance to join the journey with all the other amazing filmmakers.”

Both an artists and a film fan, Li-Wei Hsu talks about engaging in her craft. “There are so many films that I would like to watch again and again. Since I’m in the animation category, I’ll name an animated feature I watched recently, Marona’s ‘Fantastic Tale (L’ Extraodinaire Voyage de Marona,)’ a beautiful masterpiece for imagination and colors.”

Category: Animation – Student

Runtime: 03:20

Themes: Companionship, Grief, Animation, Acceptance

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