Lin’s “Keep Going” shares hope, optimism and maturity

Shan, a 2nd grader of Junior high school, and Jia who is in 3rd grade of elementary school. They are brothers who love baseball games. Pei-Lin, Shan’s crush, is going to move away very soon. Therefore, before her departure, they made a promise of exchanging their favorite signed baseballs. In the meanwhile, Jia is on a field trip at the Metropolitan Park, but unluckily lost his brother’s QiaQia signed ball.

For his crime, Jia encourages his disheartened brother to search for the ball with him at the Faraway park. The next morning, they ride a bike to the park and begin the operation. Yet they have to arrive at school around sunset. Although there are many bloopers along on the road, Shan still tries to reach their goal, like what he told to Jia —“Keep going and we’ll be there.”

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Yayu Lin was born in Tainan, raised in Puli, Nantou. After graduating from high school in Taichung, Lin got into the department of Radio and Television in National Taiwan University of Arts, and he’s currently studying in MFA directing program, department of filmmaking of Taipei National University of the Arts.

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Q/A with Yayu Lin

1. What first drew you to pursue making this specific film project?

One day, I was on the way home, riding my motorcycle, I saw many kids went to extracurricular teaching, and two kids were behind the groups far away. I though maybe those two kids missed something important, and this thinking become my script at first.

2. What is your favorite part of the filmmaking process and why? Any examples of this from your project screening at the MWFF

Shooting, when we’re on the set everything bad or good could happen, everything is possible. Especially, we have many little young actors, they made every take like first take, every time is fresh and full of energy and surprise, even something wasn’t in the script, just like the two brothers’ room scenes. We let them knock the bed to communicate, and it wasn’t in the script at first.

3. What were some influences for you on this project and/or as a filmmaker in general?

I learned a lot, it isn’t my first time being a short film director, but it is my first shoot with this length, budget and largest crew.

4. What is your favorite film?

There’s so many! “The Lord of the Rings” was my first favorite film. When I was shooting “Keep Going,” I was influenced by “Kiseki” (a.k.a. I Wish) by Hirokazu Koreeda and “Ohayo” by Yasujirô Ozu. Last year, “La La Land” was my favorite.

“Keep Going” is the third short film in the Short Film Session #3, starting on Saturday, August 26 at 11am.


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