Molly Perez is the Media Production Intern for Mosaic World Film Festival, 2020. She hails from Belvidere, Illinois; a small town 15 miles east of Rockford. Molly attends Rock Valley College and is enrolled in the Media Production Specialist track in RVC’s Mass Communication department.

Molly Perez, Media Production Intern, MWFF 2020

“What made me interested in interning with the Mosaic World Film Festival was the opportunity to be able to work in a professional setting. This is my first experience within one, but it’s special because this will be my first film festival as well.”

Molly is not only a fan of movies; she is also a fan of video games. 

“Any games that have a good story to it will have my attention for a while. My favorite movie is Spiderman: Into the Spider-viers; everything from the visual, the story, the little detail that can only be seen in the second viewing is what makes the movie one of my favorites.”

Molly is most excited to work on the trailers for MWFF, and having the chance to captivate industry professionals and audience members with content this year’s festival is showcasing.

“I’m also excited to see some animated movies. I have a soft spot when it comes to animation, it was my original career path before changing it.”

Let’s hear it for Molly! You can find her work here at, Vimeo,  Facebook and IG for Mosaic World Film Festival, and by following this year’s hashtag #2020MWFF.

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