“Midang Midang” Radiates Visual Healing; Introducing, Director Sarah Lois Dorai

I have always been in awe of how a film can make you feel. I suppose that has always been the basis of wanting to become a film director. But more recently I see it as being able to put a little bit of good back into the world. We need more of that, even if it’s in some minute way.”

“Midang Midang” is an old Kelabit courtship song, handed to musician Alena Murang by her grandaunty Tepu’ Ira. The Kelabit people are native to Borneo, with a population of 6,000 people. Their language is threatened, meaning it could disappear with Alena’s generation. This music video is a contemporary adaptation of the song and its story, a project by indigenous creative youths of Borneo and their teams.

Midang Midang is a song sung in the Kelabit Language, which is an endangered indigenous language of Malaysia (South East Asia). We (Alena and I) being part Kelabit ourselves, wanted to share with the world not just our culture but our take on what our culture is to us in this generation – how it can be old yet stylish, it can be traditional yet modern and how it can stay alive in film, music, dance and fashion.”

Driven by passion and inspiration, Director Sarah Lois Dorai talks about how deep conectivity can propel you through filmmaking. “Fabian (executive producer) and I literally played the song over and over and over again. We’re avid believers that you need to obsess over your film or whatever it is you’re working on. Only then are you able to pour yourself back into it.

Country of Origin: Malaysia

Category: Music Video

Runtime: 03:26

Themes: Fashion, Music, Romance, Indigenous

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