Molly Murphy: “Winners Are Few, But One Could Be You.”

Imagine the end of the world coming, and the only chance you have a at survival is one little lottery ticket? Molly Murphy is taking us there with her animated short “A HOLE.”

“‘A HOLE’ was funded by the generous support of The Sloan Foundation and the science advisory of astrophysicist/graphic novelist¬†Clifford Johnson and his student, Siavash Yasini. The USC Cinematic Arts Hench DADA program got me to where I am as an animator and filmmaker today. I couldn’t have made this film if it weren’t for my mentors Christine Panushka, Sheila Sofian, Kathy Smith, Maks Naporowski, Mar Elepano and Everett Lewis. The story in this film draws on Einstein’s theory of relativity and reveals to you what happens to time near and far from a black hole…”

As to where Murphy sees herself going after making this project?

Molly Murphy,  Graduate and Annenberg Fellow from USC Annimation

“I want to keep making films! I’m crafting up a number of shorts right now, once which is another science-based commission that I will be announcing in September (stay tuned!) and one that is live action. I also recently co-founded a collective geared towards political art-making called “left cliq” (@left_cliq) and there have been a number of short form animations percolating out of that.”

Murphy’s playlist that helped keep her inspired during the making of “A HOLE” can be found here.

Category: Animated – Student

Runtime: 09:30

Themes: Animation, Comedy, Sci-fi

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