ROCKFORD, IL (June 18th, 2015) —The 2015 Mosaic World Film Festival (MWFF) today announced its lineup of 79 short films and 4 feature films. The selections were curated from 484 submissions from 53 countries around the world.

The 2015 program includes shorts from 21 countries, including Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, China, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Germany, Greece, Iran, Israel, Portugal, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Turkey, the United Kingdom, and the United States.

“This is by far the biggest year of submissions we’ve ever had leading into the Mosaic World Film Fest,” said Jerry LaBuy, Director and programmer for the MWFF. “Filmmakers from the US and around the world make some terrific films and we are excited to screen some of the best of them right here in Rockford, IL.”

The 8th annual Mosaic World Film Festival will take place August 28-30 at the Nordlof Center. The feature films will all be screened on August 28th, which is called ‘Feature Friday.’

The evening of August 28th will be the opening night premiere event, which includes the ‘Spotlight Feature’ screening and announcement of award-winners for the entire 2015 MWFF.

All of the short films will be presented in six combined programs on August 29th and 30th. Those programs will be made up of narrative, animated, music video, experimental, and documentary films.

The Saturday evening program on August 29th will be the ‘Regional Filmmakers’ program. All of the short films for that program are by filmmakers from the Northern IL and Southern WI area.

A list of the film selections for MWFF 2015 is as follows:

Narrative films
• 1-0, directed by Saman Hosseinuor. (Iran)
• A Blue Mug, directed by SR Brandon and Sarah J. Forester. (USA)
• Actor For Hire, directed by Marcus Mizelle. (USA)
• And on the Seventh Day, directed by Michael Raphan. (Spain)
• Ballet Story, directed by Daria Belova. (Germany)
• Bolero for Surfing in Moravia, directed by Valerio Mendoza. (Czech Republic)
• Cops and Robbers, directed by Marco Ragozzino. (USA)
• Elvin, directed by Orfeas Peretzis. (Greece)
• Francine’s Fragments, directed by Ignacio Velásquez. (Chile)
• Heart Connected, directed by Saham Hosseini. (USA)
• Intellectual People, directed by Jorge Pizarro Vargas. (Spain)
• Johnny Walker, directed by Kris De Meester. (USA)
• Looking Sideways, directed by Neil Bloom. (USA)
• Melvin, directed by Josh & Jason Sondock. (USA)
• My Last Concert, directed by Nils Witt. (Germany)
• Nobody, directed by William Bryan. (USA)
• Rabbit, directed by Matthew Richards. (Australia)
• Seeing Green, directed by Clayton Janicke. (USA)
• Servo, directed by Tamryn Morriss. (Australia)
• Shades of Time, directed by Robin Harvey. (UK)
• SLIT, directed by Colin Clarke. (USA)
• Stark Reflection, directed by Joel Mitchell. (USA)
• Tři Cíga, directed by Liam Hall & Matias Breuer. (USA)
• We Got Your Back, directed by Viktor Hertz. (Sweden)
• What We Did Before We Drank Cocoa Together, directed by Michal Kráčmer. (Czech Republic)
• Wildflowers, directed by Lisa Jiang. (USA)

Documentary films
• Algeria – A Humanitarian Expedition, directed by Christoph von Toggenburg. (Switzerland)
• Clipped Wings, directed by Coleman Andersen, Duncan Gowdy, and Leo Pfeifer. (USA)
• Healey’s Hideaway, directed by Eve Kinizo. (Canada)
• Invisible Sister, directed by Jamie Rogers. (USA)
• My Pit’s the Pit, directed by Josh Leong. (USA)
• Romy, I am shy, directed by Andreas Grützner. (Germany)
• Sanskriti, directed by Melissa Balan. (USA)
• The Happy Cat, directed by Matthew Ober. (Canada)
• The Match, directed by Kurt Spenrath. (Canada)
• The Stars, directed by Jessica Desjardins. (Canada)

Animated films
• 20TWELVE, directed by Christian Stahl. (Germany)
• 92 Dreamin, directed by Escarla Abreu & Mikhael Villegas. (USA)
• Alienation, directed by Laura Lehmus. (Germany)
• Birthday, directed by Nick Tustin. (USA)
• Bookends, directed by Tucker Prisco. (USA)
• Carrots, Crown, & Rollerblades, directed by Shawy. (France)
• Eloïse, little dreamer, directed by Myriam L. Obin (Canada)
• Deja-Moo, directed by Stefan Müller. (Germany)
• Golden Shot, directed by Gökalp Gönen. (Turkey)
• Hell! Visa, directed by Junjie “Jake” Zhang. (USA)
• Mirage, directed by Yaya Xu. (China)
• Mirror in Mind, directed by Seung Hee Kim. (South Korea)
• Monster, directed by Stephanie Lin & Thomas Shek. (USA)
• Move, directed by John Graham. (Canada)
• Muse, directed by Thomas Wilson. (USA)
• My Kingdom, directed by Debra Solomon. (USA)
• Nexus, directed by Briana Franceschini & Ho Kwan Au. (USA)
• Rock is Not an Attitude, directed by Xiaoxiao Tang. (USA)
• PAWO, directed by Antje Heyn. (Germany)
• Peel, directed by Jenny Liu. (Taiwan)
• Seed, directed by Saerom Seong. (South Korea)
• Switch-Man, directed by Hsun-Chin Chuang & Shao-Kuei Tung. (Taiwan)
• The Magpie, directed by Will Wivell. (UK)
• The Sound of Road, directed by Barzan Rostami. (Iran)
• The Thief, directed by Ali Aschman. (USA)
• Torturing, directed by Rebecca Blöchern. (Germany)
• X, directed by Xiaoyu Ruudy Liu. (USA)

Music Videos
• Ardoyne, directed by Philip Clayton-Thompson. (UK)
• Fear, directed by Borja Soler. (Spain)
• Ganz Weit Im Osten, directed by Kai Stänicke. (Germany)
• Lilla Vän Jag Vill Bo I En Husvagn, directed by Goblin Mikkanen (Sweden)
• Return of the Worm, directed by Samuel Galloway. (Australia)
• War of Existence, directed by Eric White. (USA)
• Witch in Me, directed by Jacopo Miceli (UK)

Experimental films
• Afternoon In, directed by Simon Liu. (China/USA)
• Alices, directed by Ariane Boukerche. (France)
• Collision, directed by Abbey Sacks. (USA)
• Here Delay, directed by Monica Thomas and Jason Chiu. (USA)
• Intoxication, directed by Kristian Throup. (Denmark)
• Musical Miracle, directed by Junjie “Jake” Zhang (USA)
• Resolve to be Ready, directed by Eugene Sun Park (USA)
• Self-Deportation: The Untold Tale of a Marginal Woman, directed by Eugene Sun Park. (USA)
• Sing the Sand into Pearls, directed by Raquel Claudino (Portugal)
• Test, directed by Oren Gerner. (Israel)
• The Emotional Dimensions of the James River, directed by Michelle Marquez (USA)
• The Lovers, directed by Sara Marques Moita. (Portugal)
• The Principle of Synergy, directed by Konstantinos Stathis (Greece)

2015 Awards for the MWFF
Awards for the MWFF are given out for Best Narrative Short; Best Narrative Short (Student); Best Documentary Short; Best Documentary Short (Student); Best Animated Film; Best Animated Film (Student); Best Music Video; Best Music Video (Student); Best Experimental Film; Best Experimental Film (Student); and the Spotlight Feature and Filmmaker Award. All films selected for the 2015 MWFF are eligible.

About the Mosaic World Film Festival
Founded in 2008, the Mosaic World Film Festival is an annual event from the Mosaic Film Project. The festival is open to all filmmakers, with both student and open categories. The MWFF has screened more than 250 films from more than 40 countries since its first edition in 2008.

The MWFF occurs each August and features a screening of original films, a red carpet opening night event, and the presentation of numerous awards in all submission categories. The Mosaic World Film Festival is well known for being a diverse international film festival that supports emerging and established directors. Our festival presents quality independent work that may not otherwise be seen in commercial theaters, and represents filmmakers and film communities from around the world.

Our past MWFF judges have included: Oscar-winning director Dan Lindsay, filmmaker Col Spector, documentary producer Julie Englander, educator and filmmaker Camille DeBose, director Bing Liu, and director Elizabeth Allen.

Passes and tickets for the 2015 Festival
Advance tickets will be available for purchase online and go on sale July 6th, 2015.

All advance online purchase tickets are full festival passes and will allow access to any of the screening programs for the entire weekend. They can be purchased online at for $10.00 beginning July 6th, 2015. Advance tickets will also be available on Friday, August 28th at the Nordlof Center box office during the event.

Single day tickets are only available at the box office and cost $5.00. These tickets are available on August 29th and 30th and are good for a full day of screenings on the day purchased.

Jerry LaBuy, Festival Director and Programmer

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