New Zealand Native Covers Us In “Elementa”

Engulfed in sound, stimulating visuals, ethereal graphics and transitions, “Elementa” lifts its viewer to a place of exaltation. It is so tech-savy how Director Richard Sidey splits the screen with 3 moving shots, meant to provide a unique viewing experience for the audience. When he melts the picture back together as one, its soothing and satisfying to the soul. Just like nature intended.

“My work is born from my own experiences with the natural world, and my desire to document it cinematically.” Richard Sidey is a nature and wildlife filmmaker/photographer based in Wanaka. “A friend at a festival in New Zealand recommended Mosaic World Film Festival to me, as a festival that would embrace an unorthodox nature film such as ‘Elementa’. My film is black-and-white with three screens and no dialogue, three unusual attributes for a documentary.” Sidey attributes his inspiration partly from composer Boreal Taiga, who composed the ambient music in ‘Elementa’ and one of his previous films. Another inspiration, the film ‘Man with a Movie Camera’ (Dziga Vertov, 1929.) “The film was decades ahead of its time, is experiential at the core, and it’s impossible to not love the existential nature of this experimental film.”

Giving a very different point of view from how we’re used to seeing elements in nature, ‘Elementa’ simply focuses on the shapes and sounds of the world around us. It features one of the coolest, slow-motion close-ups of a Black Bear eating fish in a wild river, to date. This is one film to watch for this year at Mosaic World Film Festival.

Category: Experimental

Run Time: 43:00

Themes: Environmental, Triptych, Aerial, Ambient

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