Romance is the Medicine in “To Love A Ladybug”

Even before I knew what stop motion was, I could tell that the medium stood out from the crowd. It constantly captivated me as a kid from watching Ray Harryhausen films, ‘Wallace and Gromit’, and on late nights trying to catch Robot Chicken on Adult Swim.

Director Mikael Trench is an Atlanta based, stop motion filmmaker and video editor.

My film was the only senior film from the 2020 class of SCAD Atlanta to be in stop motion, as the campus was more aimed towards 2D and 3D content, so my team was relatively small, but everyone put in 110% into making the film as it was.”

Completed during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020, “To Love A Ladybug” tells the story of a dying cockroach in the alleyways of Paris, reminiscing of the time he fell in love with a ladybug. It reflects on what that relationship means to him in his final moments.

“Mostly, I must give thanks to my amazing fabricator, art director, and girlfriend Shaurese Foster. Not only did she take charge in building/fixing a lot of the sets, props, and puppets as well as working on the poster and color keys while I was simultaneously animating, but she took care of me mentally as well whenever I was burnt out or overwhelmed which was integral in order for me to keep doing my job. Simply put, the film would not have kept going had she not been there, and I can’t express my love and gratitude for her in my life enough.”

An enchanting and magnetic expression of filmmaking, “To Love A Ladybug” is the perfect film for any MWFF audience member.

Category: Animation – Student

Runtime: 05:12

Themes: Stop Animation, Original Score, Love Story

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