Triple Threat: Mildred Garcerant

Having a brother imprisoned, an unprecedented situation in my family, was an exercise of empathy with the troubled, not only my brother, but the others. It was about being with them, about imagining the situation they lived, their day to day under miserable conditions.

Mildred Garcerant; Director, Writer, Producer of ‘In The Shadows’

Garcerant, a native of Venezuela, living in Dubai, felt motivated to share her brother’s story with the world, through filmmaking.

The fun part of making a film also motivated me: to work with people interested and passionate about cinema makes the whole process something to remember. I had the support of Image Nation in Abu Dhabi and an incredible team of tutors, crew, volunteers, family and friends. Greg Unrau made possible the production and preparations of the technical aspects of the production, from the idea to the building of the set; Nezar Andari for showing me a lot of options that ended in the original idea of the film; Tom Roberts for his insights and ideas and Alicia Gonz

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